We have two trucks available for our projects. These trucks are used for the transport of agricultural machines, but can of course also provide other transport. We have a Niwo certificate and an exemption for exceptional transport.

Our transport combinations consist of the trucks in combination with two trailers, a lowbed trailer and an extendable semi low loader.

The lowbed trailer is especially suitable for the transport of high equipment such as a combine or sprayer. This trailer is extendable and therefore particularly suitable for length transport.

The extendable semi low loader is especially suitable for fast and efficient loading and unloading, for example for tractors and/or demo tours. Due to the wheel arches, the semi low loader is also suitable for the larger segment. This semi low loader is extendable just like our lowbed trailer and is therefore ideal for length transport.

For special transport, we always provide tailor-made service, if desired we make adjustments to our equipment for transport.

Transport with the HuizingHarvest trucks is provided by experienced drivers who can drive these truck-combos and are well-known to transporting agricultural machinery. In addition to regular transport, our experienced demo driver also drives the HuizingHarvest truck. This allows us to plan and execute the demo tour of your agricultural machine in a very professional and efficient manner. And as an extra option, our small passenger car "Jimny" ensures that we can also get to places the truck combination cannot easily reach.

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