Operator training

Providing the right practical training with a wide range of brands and equipment can be difficult. Not providing the training will result in failures during seeding and harvesting.


HuizingHarvest offers optimization training for operators of various agricultural machinery and brands. During winter we start by organizing classroom/workshop training for operators to prepare for upcoming season. All of our specialized trainers are regularly trained in new techniques and continuously up to date with new technologies. We want to inform all our customers about the best practices that we can find worldwide. Our trainers are able to give practical support and trainings where needed. With our own app we can inform the management or clients by digital reports about training progress.


Our recommended training program includes

Seeder training

Crop care training (spraying)

Harvesting (Combine training small grain & Combine training corn)




Training consists of three parts. First there is the theoretical part. This will be performed in a classroom. Theoretical training will take approximately 2-3 hours. This also includes in-field logistics.

Second part is the practical training, at the base and in the field. We will go through the inner working of the machine, looking at every adjustment possibility. We will also address all the critical points of attention. After the second part we will get to know the specific machine better. This will start with an informative walk-around the machine, guided by our specialized trainer. The rest of the day will be spent in the field with the operators. The operators will learn how to adjust the machine themselves to achieve certain results.


The training will be held by specialized trainers, with a lot of practical experience in operating machine all over the world in various conditions.



Classroom for theoretical training 

Shed to fit machine to do walk around 

Clean field with grain ready to harvest (during season)

All machines in working order 

Operators and agronomists

Interpreter with agricultural/technical skills (optional)


Contact us for more information or a customized training program.


Michel Wesselink: info@huizingharvestprojects.com

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