Field demos with low-bed truck combo

Field demonstrations of new agricultural machines are useful for convincing potential customers of the machines effectiveness in their local conditions. However, efficient field demonstrations are complicated to plan, and one machine can only cover a certain area. Besides the usual field demos that HuizingHarvest already offers, we can organize a field demotour including transport of the machines on our own lowbed truck combination. This is a great marketing opportunity. The benefits of this service for your organization are:

• Only one machine is needed to perform demos in a large area.
• The demo driver also drives the truck, so there is no waiting time, resulting in maximum efficiency.
• The demo is performed in a professional way, there are no changes of drivers and machines are maintained.
• The truck can be wrapped in company colours or with your logo. This creates a smart combination that will attract lots of attention in the field and on the road.
• Any extra supplies such as flags and promotional materials can be provided for use with the truck.
• An additional support car "Jimny" is available for the demo/truck driver.


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