For a company or organization it is very valuable to have an independent inspection carried out for machines, products and/or processes. HuizingHarvest mainly audits agricultural machines and vehicles. HuizingHarvest has gained worldwide experience in the agricultural industry since 2009, which allows our specialists to look beyond the regular inspections. In addition to the technical operation of the machine, our people also know how the machine functions in practice. We know the ease of use of different vehicles and machines in various circumstances and use our knowledge to inform and advise the customer as well as possible.



Our specialists are trained to deliver a full report that matches the machine's specifications. We can perform an independent check on new and used machines. HuizingHarvest is not brand specific and can therefore independently inspect your machine. We look beyond the standard checklist. If our people see points of attention that influence the perceived quality, we report it. This results from the fact that our product support specialists know how the machines work in practice and therefore recognize the ease of use.


HuizingHarvest app

We normally report the various inspection components in our own secure reporting app. We regularly deal with confidential data and images, which we can safely process and send to the client using our app.


Inspection checklist

The HuizingHarvest app is standard equipped with our inspection checklist. Our specialists carry out the audit on the basis of the following vehicle characteristics:

• Data;

• Value relevant characteristics;

• History;

• Performance;

• Condition (cabin, engine, drive, hydraulics, wheels/tyres).

Of course we can also use your vehicle-specific checklist instead of our inspection checklist.



Our product support specialists have experience in checking tractors and other machines on site. For example in ports, at manufacturers and at dealers (pre-delivery inspections).



• New PDI machines;

• After harvest equipment monitoring to determine technical status and upcoming maintenance;

• Used machines before the season starts;

• Used machines for trade;

• Third party troubleshooting when disputes arise.


Benefits of HH service

• Practical and qualified specialists;

• Professional feedback via app reports;

• Adapts to any environment;

• Flexible and fast deployment possible.


Extra service

We have fully equipped service vans to carry out adjustments or improvements directly on location. Think, for example, of replacing defective parts, solving malfunctions and error codes, performing updates and/or repairing minor damage. If you are facing a larger project, take a look at the possibilities that our workshop in Emmen (Netherlands) has to offer.


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