Harvesting potatoes in Poland

For a large potato cooperation, HuizingHarvest has offered support in harvesting potatoes in Poland. Our driver and technician, fully equipped with a service van and the right equipment, ensured that the work went smoothly.

Agrobotix autonomous combine

In honor of our 10th anniversary, HuizingHarvest started the Agrobotix project with the aim of learning more about robotization in agricultural machinery. Our machine specialists provide their services all over the world. To be prepared for the possible growth in the number of autonomous agricultural machines, it is important to get to know the latest techniques already.

Classroom training sprayers/fertilisers Cambodia

For a large agri-holding in Cambodia, we organised classroom training on using sprayers and fertilisers. During this training we discussed how to calibrate the machines and how to overlap with fertilising and machine maintenance.

Support service department

HuizingHarvest supported the service department of a machine manufacturer last year. HuizingHarvest offered this support in the form of one or two employees – and three during the high season - who were stand-by to resolve issues and malfunctions in the EU. The employees were equipped with a mobile workshop with tools, parts and a laptop with diagnostic software to get the machines back to work ASAP!

Modification exhaust pipe

For a machine manufacturer, we moved a sensor on the exhaust to improve the operation of the ad-blue system. Thanks to our mobile welding machines, we were able to perform this update very efficiently throughout Europe.

Software update

HuizingHarvest has implemented software updates for a machine manufacturer and their engine supplier. The employees of HuizingHarvest made the planning themselves and contacted the end-user when the software update was ready for implementation.

Go-Harvest combine tour

HuizingHarvest visited Romania, Latvia, Estonia, Sweden, Finland and Poland to provide practical combine training for drivers and mechanics last summer. During those visits we reduced the combine losses and increased capacity – all aimed at increasing customer satisfaction.

Corn silage support

For a large Russian agri-holding, HuizingHarvest provided support during the harvest of corn silage. During this assignment, we advised on feed quality, machine settings and efficiency.  We informed all the agronomists how better adjustment of the harvesters and more efficient use of compacters could increase feed quality.

Combine training Cambodia

HuizingHarvest gave practical combine training in Cambodia recently. We trained the participants how to operate the corn head, threshing parts, and in-field logistics. The first part of the training concentrated on theory. Afterwards we went into the field and started with combine optimisation.

Grass silage support Russia

HuizingHarvest supported a large company with the harvest of grass silage. We optimized in different regions. Besides field logistics we gave technical support. We learned the drivers how to sharpen the knives and reduce costs. During our visit we used telematics to get insight in the efficiency of the harvesters to make the visit as profitable as possible. 

Seeding support Russia

This spring we supported a large company in Russia during the seeding season. We supported with technical and logistic support. We visited many locations, in total on this locations there was 47.000 hectare seeded with different crops.

Potato planting equipment China

For the Belgium company AVR we supported the startup of potato planting equipment in China. We installed the machinery and instructed the drivers how to operate the machines. We instructed them on plowing, planting and how to make ridges.

Russia seeding support

During the seeding season we provided seeding support to a Russian company. We helped them with adjusting the seeders and followed the results with the software. As can be seen the result of the seeding improved every row that our specialist supported the driver. The amount of missing or multiple seeded seeds is improving.

Russia grass silage harvesting support

HuizingHarvest provided support during the harvest of grass silage for a large Russian agro holding. During this assignment, we advised about efficiency, feed quality and about machine maintenance

Field demos with low-bed truck combo for transporting the demo machine

Besides the usual field demos that HuizingHarvest already offers, we can organize a field demo tour, transporting the machines on our own lowbed truck combination. This is also a great marketing opportunity.

Corn silage harvesting support

For a large Russian agro holding HuizingHarvest provided support during the harvest of corn silage. In this assignment, we advised about feed quality, machine settings and efficiency.  We have informed all the agronomists how better adjustment of the harvesters and more efficient use of compacters could increase feed quality.  

Seeding support Serbia

We supported an agricultural company in Serbia with installing their new 1895 John Deere airseeder in combination with a 1910 seeder. This type of seeder is not commonly used in this region, through our experience with the John Deere airseeders in the Cis countries and the Americas we were able to install the machine right in time for seeding started. 

Ropa Russia and China

For the German machine constructor Ropa GmbH we visited locations in Russia and China to support their harvesters and loaders during the season. We helped with operator training and advised on the optimal set-up for each machine.

AVR China and Kazakhstan equipment set-up

For the Belgium manufacturing company AVR we have supported the set-up of potato equipment in China and Kazakhstan. We supported the installation of planting and storing equipment as well as training of the local users. The total trip lasted 3 weeks.

Potato planter update Saudi Arabia

For a large potato grower in Saudi Arabia we have converted the row distances for 2 Miedema planters. Despite the local conditions in the desert (+50 degrees), 2 of our guys managed to fully dissemble and reassemble the 2 planters within 10 days.

Potato harvest Coordination

HuizingHarvest provided harvesting support for a large potato growing company in Russia (800 ha).  We helped with coordinating the harvest and managing the logistics.

DeWulf potato harvesters for APH group in Russia

The APH group in Russia asked us to provide support during the potato harvest season. After a training of one of our specialists at the DeWulf factory we visited several places in Russia to assist with the new and used self propelled harvesters.

Sugar beet harvesters Support Russia

We have supported the local branch of Ropa in Russia in the set-up of new harvesters in Tartastan and the Black Earth region. Within two weeks we inspected over 30 machines and provided training of the local operators. Our goal was to reduce losses and increase efficiency of the machines.

Potato planting in Mali

A developing farm called in our support for a potato planting operation on a 600 hectares farm in the south of Mali, Africa. Many challenges had to be conquered in order to achieve a satisfying result. Since local operators had little experience in operating western equipment we fully focused on training and leading by example.   

Demonstration driving at European field shows

A producer of sprayers asked us to perform their European product demonstrations. In order to guarantee qualitative and uniform results we assign a designated operator to all the different demonstration sites.   

Seeding support Russia

For a large agro holding in the BlackEarth region of Russia, we assisted with optimizing the corn planters. The holding has farms in over 15 locations. Within two weeks we managed to visit over 20 seeders and optimize their performance. By checking the technical status and training the operators how to operate the seeders in the best possible way showed an increase in seeding quality .

Mechanics training in Azerbaijan

A dealership of agricultural equipment called in our assistance to help them train their employees in practical knowledge and understanding of agricultural equipment, and specifically train the mechanics in technical maintenance skills. This was done over a 3 month period, including both theoretical and practical training onsite. 

Onion Project in Burundi - Africa

For a joint venture between a Dutch and Burundian company we are asked to start a onion project in Burundi. It is the beginning of a 50 hectares project in order to stimulate mechanisation and professional onion production (including storage) in Burundi. 

Modification services in France

We visited over 200 machines in France for a well-known producer of agricultural equipment, in order to check and modify drive parts. Some of the machines were stationed at dealerships, some at end-users. By using our own service vehicles to conduct the modifications, we were able to successfully finish the project well within scheduled time.

Efficiency program for a Russian agro holding

We were asked by a large Russian agro holding to assist in increasing their production and efficiency for some of their divisions in central and south Russia. We focussed our services on their field operations.

Providing support for 800 hectares of potato planting.

We assisted with installing of new equipment (including GPS management), the training of operators and implementation of quality control. We managed to train the operators and achieve the goal of planting all 800 hectares within 14 days.

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